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Legacy  Migration or System Modernization is a daunting task, and Quadron is ready to help you succeed.

Quadron's engineers are experienced in all phases of Legacy Migration, from extracting legacy requirements, architecture, design, build  and verification of replacement systems.
Legacy migration projects face a number of unique challenges such as missing or incorrect legacy source code, opaque data formats, obsolete processing hardware, difficult verification requirements and/or unusual or hardware specific code. Quadron's engineers have developed both methodologies and tools to address and minimize the risks presented by these challenges

Depending upon your organization's goals, your project may be a logic port, changing from one programming language to another.  We have experience with with this type of conversion. 

We also have experience with Legacy Modernization, where your legacy programming is converted to a modern rules based system. A frequent goal of a modernized system is to enable your organization's Subject Matter Experts to maintain the business side of the system, while the IT department maintains the technical aspects of the system.  Quadron's engineers have developed tools and methods to assist with implementing Rules Based Systems(sometimes called "Expert Systems").

A common issue with Legacy Migration is the low level format of the system's data.  These data formats are often hardware specific, and frequently use non standard data handling techniques.    These issues often  extend to the structure and format of files and databases. Quadron has developed tools and methods to assist with understanding legacy data, and then adapting the data to modern and standard formats.

A necessary requirement of any system modernization is operation verification. Quadron's engineers have developed tools and methods to automate verification. We are experienced with platform simulators and emulators, and we have experience using these tools to create automatic parallel testing. 

Quadron's legacy experience has been with high volume and mission critical systems.

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