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About Us

Quadron was founded in 1986 to provide both legacy system modernization and to meet the growing demand for PC-based realtime control and communications solutions. Our initial customers were as diverse as an international banking project based in Germany to a classifed ELINT satellite program.

We have provided Legacy System Migration Services to assist clients in all phases of IT modernization covering technologies from the smallest Embedded Controllers and PCs to the largest Mainframe and Enterprise Systems.

We provide custom hardware design and manufacturing to assist in Legacy System Migration when no current hardware can meet critical requirements.

Our clients come from such diverse industries as Aerospace (including hardware and software in space), Military, Medical, Manufacturing, Telecommunications, Banking, Retail, Transportation and Government. When off the shelf solutions were not available, we have developed both emulation software and custom hardware to support critical defense and intelligence spacecraft projects.


Today our primary focus is assisting clients navigate the treacherous journey between large scale legacy mainframe applications to modern Web and service-based architectures.


We understand projects that absolutely must be completed on time, on budget, with zero defects and must absolutely work. From world-wide Enterprise systems down to single processor-based applications, Quadron delivers.