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Computer technology never stops changing. Neither do your business needs and requirements. This is the reality facing the providers of today's business and government computer systems. It is not uncommon for any number of reasons to reach a point where your existing computer system architecture can no longer grow to meet your expanding needs.

Today's large-scale applications generally require Web, Mobile and unattended kiosk based apps, but the leap from entrenched legacy mainframe, "green screens" and desktop PC implementations to modern architectures can be one too large to traverse using design and analysis methodologies that are as old as the legacy systems targeted for replacement. All to often these antiquated methodologies (wrapped in modern jargon) significantly contribute to the failure of large legacy system modernization projects. Quadron can provide the guidance to insure the best possibility of your modernization project success.

We believe that that your data and your business rules are two of your most significant assets. All too frequently these crucial assets are buried in obscure encodings and ancient program code. Business processes and flows can not be adequately understood, and applications can not be migrated without understanding these two things. And yet most migration strategies gloss over these two critical understandings, focusing instead on a presumed hardware and software architecture, and then trying to "port" the old code to the new architecture. This may have worked in the 70s, 80s and even the 90s. It won't work today.

We have proven success where others have failed. Check out our background and services to discover how we can help make your legacy system migration a success, no matter the size.